‘Trade With The Elite Webinar Contributors’ Spotlight’: Frank Ochoa


A 15-year market veteran and author of the highly acclaimed book Secrets Of A Pivot Boss, Frank Ochoa brings his profitable and successful experience as a trading educator to all who cross his path.

Frank Ochoa (Photo Credit: Provided)
Frank Ochoa (Photo Credit: Provided)

As founder of Ochoa Capital Management, LLC., Ochoa serves as a lead trader in the MrTopStep IM-Pro Trading Room. There, he brings trading ideas and tactics, breaking news from the trading floor and other pertinent information for that beginning as well as seasoned trader, on a consistent basis.

Ochoa has also spearheaded Pivot Boss, an entity dedicated to bringing traders market analysis as well as educational content. “We [here at Pivot Boss] specialize in utilizing price-based, market-generated indicators, but also analyze the market using classical technical analysis,” according to the Pivot Boss website. “We bring a fresh perspective to our trading and analysis and we look forward to fostering a community of knowledgeable and confident traders.”

With over a decade of experience with financial markets, Ochoa’s book Secrets of a Pivot Boss, remains a highly acclaimed resource for active traders and those honing their skills with the stock market. “The book has garnered wide-spread praise from traders all over the world and is routinely mentioned among the best trading books on the market,” adds Ochoa’s website.

As a public speaker on finances and trading, as well as a renowned trading educator, Ochoa is one of three professional traders who will participate in a live webinar on Saturday, February 15, 2014. Coined as one of the “Three Amigos” by, Ochoa will be on hand on Saturday the 15th, to answer questions as well as offer comprehensive tactics about obtaining the most from your trading and the stock market.

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