Monday, May 17, 2021

Free MrTopStep Widget with breaking news feeds, live quotes and streaming flow from MrTopStep

Introducing the MrTopStep Widget.. Free!

to install insert

<iframe src=”  style=”width:XXXpx, height:yYYYpx”>

Support arguments for customizing your widget:

  • theme=dark | light
  • symbols=sym1,sym2,sym3,sym4
  • defaultTab = 0 | 1 | 2 | 3


Controls the color of the widget, supported themes are dark or light.


Currency pairs for quotes, soon we will be adding in equities.

Default Tab:

The tab that is opened when first displayed on the webpage.  Remember the count starts at 0 (zero).  The tab zero below is the quotes tab.

Arguments are seperated in URL style with the &  (ampersand)

The iframe format below was:

<iframe style=”height: 378px; width:600px;” src=”,EUR_USD&defaultTab=2″ ></iframe>

A light theme iframe look like this:

<iframe style=”height: 378px; width:600px;” src=”″ ></iframe>