Wednesday, April 14, 2021

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Introducing the all new MrTopStep AG Pro Trading Room!


MrTopStep is teaming up with Robert Heffernan of Market Vitals to bring you the all new ‘MrTopStep AG Pro Trading Room’.

Robert Heffernan (HFR) began his commodity career as a pit clerk at the CME in currency futures in 1986 after graduating with a finance degree from Western Michigan University. He worked as an arbitrage phone clerk for Shearson Lehman, and Chase Futures through 1989. Robert gained his CME membership in 1989 where he filled orders and traded in several pits over the years.

As a self-trained technician, he has refined his approach through countless hours of market observation and trading. Mr. Heffernan is one of the few to make the transition from the floor to the screen because of his diligent application of the technicals, and a strict adherence to his rules for trading. “Being prepared for any market setup that unfolds is what it takes in today’s HFT dominated markets,” quips Robert and “the unexpected market move causes the most pain, but offers the greatest reward.”

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