Sunday, December 5, 2021
Jitschak Nager

Jitschak Nager

My name is Jitschak Nager born in Amsterdam – The Netherlands in 1971.

After high-school I had many different jobs but always was intrigued by the Stock Market.

My first experience was with A.O.T. (Amsterdam Options Traders) in Amsterdam.

After working in accountancy for many years I got the opportunity to work alongside Dr Charles Nenner for over a decade.

His firm is known as one of the top technical research firms in North America.

Current I am the founder and CEO of Global Macro Technical Thoughts.

Global Macro Technical Thoughts (GMTT) is a market timing newsletter with actionable insights and a focus on identifying the early entry and exit levels.

The newsletter is a fantastic supplement and guide to your trading plan, with clear and simplified analysis to help you navigate the markets.

Provided three times per week, the newsletter has just the right amount of information and frequency without information overload, geared toward helping you achieve consistency within your unique trading plan. With over a decade of market experience covering indices, equities, commodities, treasuries and bonds, and more.

For more info please see our website:

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