Best Months Have Begun–Yearend Rally Ahead

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Now that we’ve survived Octoberphobia and the market has begun to strengthen again, breaking out above resistance and logging new highs on DJIA, S&P 500 and NASDAQ, we are likely to experience a bit of consolidation here in November. Normally the top S&P month of the year and #2 for DJIA, NASDAQ and the Russell 2000, November has been weaker in Pre-Election Years. 

Pre-election Year Chart w/ Yearend Rally

 As you can see in the chart of Pre-Election Year Seasonal Patterns above overlaid with 2019 we have been tracking all year November tends to be flat in the Pre-Election Year with a pop around Thanksgiving. Then after the usual first half of December softness the market tends to push toward additional new highs near yearend. Considering the banner performance so far this year and the uncanny tracking of this historical seasonal pattern, we expect the stock to consolidate over the next few weeks and then resume its march higher. Our stellar long-term track record speaks for itself. Our Best Six Months Switching Strategy – as many know as only “Sell In May” – continues to beat the market with evidence based results. As featured in the Stock Trader’s Almanac the Best Six Months November to April has gained 7.5% for the DJIA since 1950 while the worst months gain a paltry 0.6%.  Overlaying our seasonal work with our old-school solid fundamental stock screen and technical analysis has pushed the performance of our stock picks way ahead of the market. Since inception in 2001 our picks have gained 508.4% vs 143.1% for the S&P 500. 

Almanac Investor Stock Portfolio Performance Chart

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