Blount’s Numbahs Friday: looking for more upside

E-mini S&P 500, Technical Analysis

10-31-2014 5 min SPX.jpggood morning – today is series s1L and the SPILL is 79 UP with 21 DOWN in the S&P futures (ESZ14:CME).The most important event of yesterday was NOT the tagging of the 1994 ES SPOT .It was NOT the NORMAL outcome on s4H vs the link stink or the wedge zoom.It was NOT the tagging of the 1999 CASH, which I surmised would top a multi day bracket between 1950 and 1999 CASH.

The most important thing imo about Thursday imo was the BACK THROUGH of 1978.5 SPOT when coupled with the NORMAL outcome, the tag of 1999 cash, the inability of the BEARS to drive price down through the 1963 SPOT  Tuesday and Wed.

“Next on the agenda is the reaction to the US Election

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