Blount’s Numbahs Friday – The Spill is Down

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Good Morning – Today is Series S4H and the SPILL is DOWN. The S3L Thursday was a snap back rally of 23 handles RTH. Although the RANGE was expanded, the move was a simple CHOP TILT UP that fit the S3L turns quite well and MORE Importantly, the pre-identified prices, ESPECIALLY lunch low to mid p.m. high, were SPOT on.


“Today is Series S4H and the SPILL IS DOWN. The day will go SPILL DOWN, a.m. high, mid a.m. low, lunch high, mid p.m. Low, last hour high… The 3 doors on this day are:
NORMAL , Link Stink, and Wedge Zoom. The Normal prints the LOD at spill low or mid a.m. lo with spill low the preferable AND then winds through the remaining turns a given above w/ a HOD in the last hour…The mid p.m. low can be deep but should print a higher low by no more than a stop run reversal of the mid a.m. low. ..The link stink is the more bearish outcome of the remaining choices.It is visually a lightning bolt down -zig zag down day from the a.m. high to at least the mid p.m.; low and if the market is very weak then the bounce to the last hour high is muted and once sealed another leg down often ensues,In fact an S4H on a Friday that goes link stink is the prototype for the often written “IT IS HARD TO SAVE A FRIDAY on a TREND DOWN DAY”…Finally , the WEDGE ZOOM is a LITERAL VISUAL-first we wedge down to either the mid a.m. low (less preferable and need to look of tie in to prior day late high to form the wedge) or the more preferable wedge termination occurs at the mid p.m. low ,The next part is the ZOOM feature to the last hour high.The quality of that zoom has be assessed in real time as to rather or not it is truly ZOOMing or WHEEZING up to the last hour high. This feature is where the real time PRICE NEEDS and risk markers are of importance in my work.

Some KEY things to EXTRACT from yesterday are : THE PEEAN TRAP at 2344 ES and that for the day , the BULLS were able to take price to the 2374 SPOT .That high came at a possible though due to timing, the mid p.m. high and the depth of the retrace ito the last hour low…

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