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E-mini S&P 500, Technical Analysis

11-07-2014 5 min SPX.jpggood morning -today is series s4H and the SPILL PRESSURE is DOWN in the S&P 500 futures (ESZ14:CME).

It is NFP DAY.It is NORMAL, Link Stink or wedge ZOOM day.Yesterday was pretty much textbook.Yours truly was loking for what happend off the a.m. low to have the best shot at happening pff the LUNCH LOW–oops, SPOTS said other wise,Use them…DRAGHI pre rth 2025.5 spot with noise of 1.25 handles.Rth SPILL high 2021.5 SPOT to the penny.The a.m. low 2011.5 SPOT with less than the 1.25 noise overshoot .

There is a slew of fibbo matches stretching from 2030.5 cash to 2050 big roundie.


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