Blount’s Numbahs Thursday: The Spill is Down

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Good Morning – Today is S3H and the SPILL is DOWN. After the market closed I realized I had a dilemma: I am piling up a number of spots/clock charts on S4H that are very time consuming to present AND Wed. S2H slight iffy was a CLASSIC while at the same time a very important inquiry from a former Goldman Sachs trader was made near the close as regards larger TIME CYCLE, TUNA PRICE (the 27 min rth ES in use and 26 & 78 min cash ), and impact of current action through the lens of COMPLEX vs. SIMPLE NAVY 4?… Both are important to me. I personally believe my larger analysis is more important than the 5-7 sardines per day for myriad reasons.

I have opted out in favor of the 5-7 and will provide a cursory treatment of the swing/tuna due to time management considerations… More

We came into yesterday S2H slight iffy… I implored anyone reading the commentary to SAVE the commentary because the prose TREATED WITH SPECIFICITY series 2 day H or L with as thorough a treatment as to the mechanics as I have written. Long term readers, anyone over 3 months, know that EXPIRATION WEEK is filled with FUN AND GAMES and that from Noon Tuesday to Noon Thursday expect a few of the turns to be shoved out in time due to the ‘fun and games’ EXPIRATION presents.

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