Blount’s Numbahs Tuesday: The Spill is Down

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Good Morning – Today is S2H NORMAL and the SPILL is DOWN. Last Friday was S2L and the weak variant played out a described in the honing section.At 6.5 haandles, it was very compressed and except the the run to the last hour high (which still DID NOT TAKE OUT THE INITIAL SPILL Hgih/HOD). IT WAS quite reminescent of the weak variation a qweek ago Monday S2L). This compression and the bookend WEAK S2L’s Monday and Friday reveals a reticent bull at hand to get the job done that has to be done in order to open up and maintain the tracking for the BLOW OFF near term. I am going to focus on that price once again and in a very clear way.


2285.92 + .01

TOP DOWN… We are still learning that BIG ARSE V up is in motion. His has been shown on the charts since over a year ago and became the ONLY alternative under consideration since we touched 2077, last April 13… This has been reflected as an attachment at the begInning of the week on the WEEKLY CASH chart… In addition to the WEEKLY CASH the attachment throughout the year and presented several times a week has been either a 39 min cash chart (discontinued when it lost visual perspective of the 1810.1 cash origin Feb. 11, 2016) or the 65 minute CASH chart in use since that discontinuance… Tighten the noose!

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