Friday, April 16, 2021

Bootcamp-13 Offers



Thank you for being a part of MrTopStep’s boot camp.  We had our best boot camp ever. I hope we were able to demonstrate our ability to bring great traders together in order to ‘team trade’ these current volatile markets.  

We certainly hope you will continue with us via one of the products below.  If you do move on, we certainly hope you will stay in our social family via Twitter, Periscope, Facebook and the web.

Hoping to see you in the Room on Monday…


Product Description Special Cost
IM PRO MrTopStep Premium room access to all the trader includes:

  • ChicagoStock, Danny, WB, Brian, TopNotch and the Floor
  • Live trading room open 24/7
  • LiveSquawk audio alerts ($149/month)
  • MiM ($99/month)
  • WB’s daily levels ($29/month)
  • Audio pit noise from the floor of the CME
$75 Off the first month $275 first month then $350 each additional month.
MiM MrTopStep’s imbalance meter includes:

  • Access to the MiM trading room
  • Access to the meter
  • Live Opening Imbalance
  • Live Closing imbalance into the 4pmET close
$99 each l month
WB’s Numbahs WB (Bill Blount) releases his daily read of the market before the market opens.  Get this daily map and glossary as an extra edge for trading. $29/month


Discovery Trading Group (DTG) Join our latest MrTopStep addition. Great for trader looking for a structured way or trading and guidance.

  • Access to the DTG trading room
  • Daily Premarket  Notes
  • Access to the DTG Forum and training videos
DTG Platinum Membership for $20 off ($129 instead of $149/30 days).
BuyPassword: BOOTCAMP
TopNotch You have seen him in action. Trade his sheet, that is what he does.  Get Tim’s daily levels delivered each day to your inbox $125/month
Bookmap Xray Experience the order book like never before.  Using this HFT tool you can discover liquidity levels that effect the direction of price. $250/month after 3 months you have a lifetime subscription


Market Delta MarketDelta offers to provide free MD Charts Setup & Configuration. Red carpet setup, have your charts configured to match the setups in the IMPRO trading room  Free setup
TT/AMP Signup for a free test drive of the new TT Trading platform.  Open an account and the $500/month access fee for TT will be waived. Free Test Drive

If you can’t join at this time make sure you keep my email in your address book,, and drop me a line anytime when you need help.  Continue to follow us on twitter @mrtopstep and read our posts at

Our videos go out everyday on our youtube channel:

I am passionate about trading as a collective and in getting traders connected to the right resources even if isn’t us! So let me know what I can do to get you connected.  

Hope to see you in a room!
Danny Riley CEO