Monday, May 17, 2021

Structural Trading

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Trading is very personal, having a structured foundation is crucial.

There comes a moment when a trader realizes they most likely will have to invest in their education in order to find a strategy, method or system that offers higher probability trades while minimizing risk.  Whether that education comes from learning the hard way while risking capital, finding a mentor that’s conducive to an ideal way of trading or an educational series that makes sense.

Structural trading, in itself is the outcome of learning from mistakes, risking capital, finding a mentor and finding methods through due diligence. Building structure through Fibonacci’s, Harmonics and Volume Profile

  • Fibonacci ratios and extensions offer measured moves, strength
    and weakness in both impulsive and retracement movement
  • Harmonics offer depth into Fibonacci rotations, defining risk, targets and exits
  • Volume profile offers a visual of price in action


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Structural Trading