Saturday, April 17, 2021


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PivotBoss is dedicated to bringing traders the best market analysis and educational content available on the web. We specialize in utilizing price-based, market-generated indicators, but also analyze the market using classical technical analysis. We bring a fresh perspective to our trading and analysis and we look forward to fostering a community of knowledgeable and confident traders.

Discover the education that PivotBoss delivers to you:

  • Advanced Profiling Techniques, putting you on a fast track to profits by utilizing a powerful educational format: Theory, Analysis, and Application.
  • The Volumed Profiling Technique, revealing the power behind using market-generated volume information to profit in the market.
  • Swing Trade Pro, a 3-in-1 course designed to provide swing traders with actionable concepts and advanced techniques that are essential to consistently profiting from multiple-day swings in the markets.
  • Frank Ochoa explains his PEMA Method, which offers a collection of indicators and systems that help you find powerful money-making setups across all timeframes and markets in his free e-book, Profiting with Pivot-Based Moving Averages

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