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Kevin Koy

In 1983, Chicagoan Kevin Koy launched InterMarket magazine,
the worldwide futures & options report. In each issue, he interviewed, in
Q&A style, the world’s most successful traders and money managers. This was
the first time many of the world’s top commodity traders revealed their
decision making process–what they looked for to get in a trade, what they must
see & how they added to grow a position…what they wanted before they took
a profit & how they took a loss. Koy has authored two books, The Big
Hitters, a compendium of his InterMarket interviews, and Markets 101. With CBOT
floor trader Pete Steidlmayer, Koy co-authored the seminal Markets and Market

Then, in 1986, Koy co-founded Market Logic School with
Steidlmayer. The class format not only taught insights and understanding Koy
termed Market Logic–as opposed to reactive emotional trading–but also
demonstrated what concepts and decision making taught by trading the markets in
front of the attendees in real time. The School’s classes encapsulated all that
Koy had learned from the many interviews with the world’s top traders.  It also featured decision-making parameters
using the market profile, a visual tool then associated with Steidlmayer, which
uses normal distribution, the bell curve, to vividly illustrate the difference
between value & price, information that free markets determine daily and

The Market Logic School does not embrace the random walk belief
in market behavior.  It led to changes in
the way quote machine companies presented market data–in large part because it
changed the way people think about markets. Traders from the top banks and Wall
Street firms, including Goldman Sachs, Lehman Bros., First National bank of
Chicago, London’s LIFFE, Sydney Futures exchange attended the Market Logic
School and/or hired Koy to bring experience to the minds of newly minted MBAs.
Professor Merton Miller, the University of Chicago Nobel prize winning economist
noted for his belief in “random walk,” attended the 5-day
course.  Koy has worked for and spoken at
both Northwestern University and University of Chicago’s MBA program, the Booth