Forex Weekly Trading Forecasts: War Worries May Overshadow Key Data Flow

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Financial markets may be forced away from focusing on a slew of top-tier economic news as fiery rhetoric continues to flow from Washington DC in the week ahead.
  • US Dollar Forecast: US Dollar Torn Between Geopolitical Fears, Fed Policy Bets
  • Euro Forecast: Euro Awaits Heavier Calendar to Break the Summer Lull
  • British Pound Forecast: Starting to Behave Like a ‘Risk-On’ Currency
  • Japanese Yen Forecast: Risk Aversion Envelopes the Yen as Geopolitical Risk Flares
  • Australian Dollar Forecast: Australian Dollar Caught Between Investor Appetite, RBA
  • New Zealand Dollar Forecast: NZD Sits in Oversold Territory And May Remain There Longer
  • Canadian Dollar Forecast: USD/CAD Rebound to Unravel on Less-Hawkish FOMC Minutes
  • Chinese Yuan Forecast: Yuan Eyes on PBOC’s Guidance, Private Investment
  • Equities Forecast: S&P 500, DAX, and FTSE 100 Skating on Thin Ice
  • Gold Forecast: Gold Prices Fueld by Fire & Fury
  • Crude Oil Forecast: Crude Oil Fails To Hold Above $50 Despite Fundamental Support

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