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Trading Rules for the everyday trader

MrTopStep’s 16 trading rules that all investors should know

Investing has changed dramatically over the last ten years, making it more of a challenge for small to midsize investors to trade. Many don’t know the strategies that are being used to gain wealth or really make the markets work for them. Investing doesn’t have to be complex or an inconvenience, if you know how to make it work for you.

In this free 12 page eBook, you’ll learn creative strategies and insights that have been used by real day traders for over 35 years, trading rules that’ll help transform the way you see the markets, and key terminology that’s being used by top traders. We’ll show you:

  • 16 trading rules that are being used by real day traders
  • How you can use these rules to gain success on your own
  • The Mrtopstep Trading Checklist
  • Detailed view of how real day traders see the markets
  • Much more!


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MrTopStep is a financial news and education company that specializes in helping small to midsize investors connect, share, and grow within our community of likeminded day traders. We have investing professionals with years of experience helping traders gain wealth.  We’ve consolidated some of this experience into an approachable 12-page eBook that will help any investor take control of their wealth.

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