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S&P futures are trading lower this morning. Weak economic data out of China and Germany was the catalyst that inverted the yield curve this morning. Futures have been dropping steadily for the past 3 hours. Asian stocks finished the day mostly higher due to the delay of tariff news. The Shanghai rose 0.42. European markets are seeing significant selling pressure again this morning. Macy’s released disappointing results this morning and lowered is the guidance on the year.

S&P’s Overnight          High  292.37  Low   290.85   % Change lower by 1.32

AsiaCloseChange%Change EuropeCloseChange%Change
Tokyo20655.13199.690.98 London7155.28-95.62-1.32
Hong Kong25302.2820.980.08 Germany11505.38-244.75-2.08

Oil Prices:

Oil prices are trading lower this morning.  Economic data out of China and Germany indicates a slowdown in growth. China’s Industrial output eased to 4.8% in July, forecasts were looking for an expansion of 6%. Germany’s GDP declined by 0.1% in the 2nd quarter. The America Petroleum Institute has estimated a surprise crude oil build of 3.7 million barrels for the week ending 8-8-2019.   Later this morning the official data for the U.S. Energy Information Administration will release their data on oil stockpiles.

WTI is at $56.61 a barrel, Brent Crude is at $60.87 a barrel.     

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The yield on the 10yr treasury note fell below the yield on the 2yr note early this morning. An inverted yield curve is a sign of weakness ahead for equity markets.  China’s industrial production is slowing and Germany’s 10yr bund yield drops to a new all-time low of -0.63 after the release of it 2nd quarter GDP data. These are simply indicators that the global economy is in a reset mode. Yesterday’s announcement that certain tariffs are being delayed till Dec was met with a positive reaction by the equity markets. While this news is considered to increases the chances of a U.S. China trade agreement, it is still highly unlikely that a deal will be made anytime soon. China’s Trade representatives have confirmed that they are still planning to travel to the U.S, in September for talks.

Economic Reports: 

            08:30 am ET     Import Export Prices

            10:00 am ET     Atlanta Fed Business Inflation Expectations.

            10:30 am ET     EIA Petroleum Status Report

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Options Activity:                                                                      

Bullish option activity in         AGN, FLR & GDX  

Bearish option activity in      CGC,  DB & YPF

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Sector Update: Headlines to Note


AAP     .REC     Citi lowers its price target to $156 from $182.

HD       .ERN     Wells Fargo raises its price target to $230 from $215 a week before HD releases eps.

DDS     .ERN     Wedbush cut price target to $56 from $62 a day before DDS releases earnings.

FDA / Drug Markets

PHAS   P/SGN        Released mins of discussion with FDA,  FDA was positive on clinical dev plan.

FATE    P/SGN        Received a Patent on cellular immunotherapies,  

MRK      .FDA          MRK & AZN said Paola-1 for ovarian cancer met primary endpoints.                       

Dow 30

BA        .MA       Deliveries at 11 year-low. In 2019, BA has delivered 258 planes,  417 last year.

WMT    .ERN     To release earnings on Thur, Straddle sees move of $4.75. Puts continue to be active.

GS       .REC      Bank stocks are falling are yield curve inverts.     


FB        P/SGN      Head of FTC says he is willing to break up big tech firms if needed.

FB        P/SGN      Said to have hired contractors to transcribe user audio recordings.

APPL    .GOV        FAA bans Macbook Pro laptops from flights due to a fire hazard.


SPY      P/SGN     Inversion of the yield curve is spooking the markets this morning.

OSTK   P/SGN     CEO releases a bizarre tale of espionage message after the close yesterday.

M          P/SGN     Missed on EPS and revenue.  Lowered guidance.

Upcoming Earnings Data and Options Volume Analysis

SymbolCompany NameEarn Datea/pLastChngeStradl pct$ Movelast rptd qtr earn srprse %Total Call / Put RatioDateCall VolumPut Volumvol Call / Put  RatioCall Open IntPut Open IntOI Call / Put  Ratio
AAGILENT TECHNOLOGIES, INC.20190814pm67.651.025.773.90(1.39)0.288/173397850.431479087671.69
AABAALTABA INC20190814pm70.
CACICACI INTERNATIONAL INC20190814pm211.041.805.7812.1916.960.948/1771880.817825401.45
CSCOCISCO SYSTEMS INCORPORATED20190814pm52.751.214.412.331.302.668/172378487562.72104246709451.47
HOLIHOLLYSYS AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES, LIMITED20190814pm16.260.1710.061.6417.951.808/1712200.60380429.05
NTAPNETAPP INCORPORATION20190814pm46.990.885.352.52(2.40)0.828/175204841.0713987187240.75
SBSCOMPANHIA banco SAO PAULO20190814pm14.430.023.110.45(10.71)0.208/17101.001932210.87
SPTNSPARTANNASH CO20190814pm9.41-0.0412.041.134.350.458/17450.803772771.36
WUBA58.COM INC20190814pm53.501.963.501.870.00500.008/17179359.67146113261.10
BABAALIBABA GROUP HOLDING LTD – ADR20190815am164.274.964.757.8121.902.798/1758830222332.65160390#####1.16
CSIQCANADIAN SOLAR INC20190815am21.860.588.691.9034.0918.188/177603323.03462829771.55
DDSDILLARD’S,  INC.20190815am59.87-0.1010.456.250.000.868/1797771.26414440841.01
MSGMADISON SQUARE GARDEN CO20190815am290.693.483.339.697.251.278/1719220.86293915461.90
TPRTAPESTRY INC20190815am26.710.468.962.392.440.188/1779973760.1119651245620.80
WMTWALMART INC20190815am107.412.193.984.2710.780.608/17873190870.9651240629580.81
AMATAPPLIED MATERIALS, INC.20190815pm48.061.604.952.386.060.918/17513946841.1026328258451.02
BGGBRIGGS & STRATTON CORPORATION20190815pm8.690.020.000.00(48.48)5.888/171001.004851353.59
CRMTAMERICA’S CAR-MART, INC.20190815pm91.153.3010.059.1613.560.738/1711600.18501170.43
GLOBGLOBANT SA20190815pm105.411.958.058.486.380.718/17341120.3072911450.64
NVDANVIDIA CORPORATION20190815pm156.084.635.748.967.321.968/1730728182531.6881301553011.47
PAGSPAGSEGURO DIGITAL LTD20190815pm46.801.9610.765.048.000.998/17226626300.8611736133760.88
DEDEERE & COMPANY20190816am147.170.124.897.20(1.68)0.678/17195225920.7524071239061.01
QDQUDIAN INC20190816am8.850.3110.770.9525.642.248/1711556611.7522912147611.55
GGALGRUPO FINANCIERO GALICIA SA20190816pm17.230.486.951.20120.270.438/1715720.211425347113.03

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