Open House

MrTopStep Open House 2017

October 23, 2017 - October 27, 2017

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The MrTopStep Open House in October 2017 is a great forum to learn, trade, and share with the Pros of MrTopStep.  All are welcome. Our goal is to share and guide how we succeed in navigating and trading the markets.

The Open House includes full access to the following:

IM Pro trading room

  • We'll teach you how to use all of the great features in the room
  • How to send a message
  • How to private IM
  • How to filter messages
  • How to alter the room layout
  • How to use audio
  • The difference between screen share and live charts


  • What is an order imbalance?
  • How do we get them?
  • What is difference between dollar imbalance and symbol imbalance?
  • What is a large imbalance?
  • How does MrTopStep use the MiM to trade, and how can I use the MiM effectively?

Daily Itinerary

October 23

Daily intro with Danny Riley and Marlin Cobb
Room walk through with Marlin Cobb
Ride the MiM with Marlin Cobb

October 24

Danny Sullivan and Robert White from DRFuturesTrading

The benefits of applying the DR Futures Trading methodology and risk management to become more than 60% accurate in trading. Our system keeps losses to a minimum, while maximizing gains. The following are our objectives:

  • Introduction to Dan and Rob
  • Learn about our methodology and use of proprietary system to get in early on the trend
  • Stop Loss
  • How to take advantage of our 1 week trial
  • Questions
Niels Koops

Volume Profile,  DeltaPrint, and Order Flow Trading with Investor/RT.

Stewart Solaka - Chicagostock Trading
Ride the MiM with Marlin Cobb

October 25

Brett Barrett, Ninja Trader

An Inside look at Ninja Trader 8 Platform.

Harmeet Goindi

Average day in the US options market involves  5Billion of premium and  a million  trades across 860K contracts. 

We will discuss how to take advantage of timely directional information embedded in this flow. We will also show you how to augment this information with technical analysis of underlying stocks. 

Daily Intro with Discovery Trading Group (DTG)

Market structure and order flow.

Peter Davies 

Introduction to Order Flow 

An introduction to Order Flow theory.  What Order Flow tools tell us about the market and why that information provides an edge in trading. We'll also look at one common order flow 'event' and how it can be used to enter the market.

Ride the MiM with Marlin Cobb


October 26

Ryan Littlestone

The Importance of Flow Trading.

Jeff Hirsch

Get Ready For The Best 6 Months: Tactical Seasonal Sector Trade Tips & Top Screened Stock Tips.

Bob Iaccino, Path Trading Partners

The Benefits of Binary Options, and the Nadex advantage.

Peter Davies

Introduction to Scalping - Scalping is the art of short term, often very repetitive trading. In this session, we'll look at why intern prop traders start off scalping and we'll introduce you to a number of scalp setups appropriate in different market conditions from slow to fast

Ride the MiM with Marlin Cobb

October 27

Daily intro with Tim Haefke

Daily Pivots/open ranges  Regular session due to cash open/close

Wyckoff Trader

Discover how to recognize ideal trade location using "hidden clock" / Wyckoff Principles of Judgement.

Daily Intro with Discovery Trading Group (DTG)

Market Structure and Order Flow

Ride the MiM with Marlin Cobb

Our Team Of Presenters:

Danny Riley ­-

Danny Riley has worked in the futures and options industry for 35 years, including the CBOT’s bond room, where he worked for several of the Market Wizards. He went on to build the largest volume desk in the S&P 500 Index Futures, serving some of the largest banks and hedge funds, the UBS program trading business, and some of the world's top individual traders. As a leader and co­-creator of the MrTopStep IM­Pro Trading Room, he shares trading ideas and breaking market news with our other professional traders, and new traders eager to experience the power of collective intelligence. Join us today and get the edge only social trading can give you.

Marlin Cobb ­-

Marlin Cobb, aka RedLionTrader has been trading for over ten years. Previously, Marlin worked in high­technology with a specialty in very high resolution display controllers. Marlin’s recent work has been in market timing signals. As a developer of the MrTopStep imbalance Meter (MiM), he is also a leader in the MrTopStep IM­Pro Trading Room, where he shares trading ideas and breaking market news live from the floor with our other professional traders and new traders eager to experience the power of group trading.

Peter Davies

Peter Davies entered the world of trading in the mid 2000’s. After becoming disillusioned with the results attained by fund managers and financial advisors on his own portfolio, Peter figured that even losing money himself would be better than paying someone to lose it for him.

Peter’s initial intent was to focus on investing and in fact, he still manages his own long term portfolio. Somewhere along the journey he developed a passion for day trading. Peter feels most comfortable trading the “here and now” and feels that he has a better feel for what will happen in the next six minutes than the next six months.

Peter splits his time between running Jigsaw Trading and trading the eMini S&P500 Futures. He has articles published on Trade2win, delivers trading webinars for,  Topstep Trader, Online Trader Central and FuturesTrader71 (FT71). Peter also writes a daily pre-market prep on the TopstepTrader Blog and appears twice weekly on the TopstepTrader Squawk Radio broadcast giving to the minute market analysis for Day Traders, live, as the action plays out. Peter’s own blog is here.

Tim Haefke ­-

Top Notch Trading offers a daily technical analysis for the day trader in mind. Tim offers a strategy that deals with volume, value, trend, retracements (Fibonacci), and psychological price objectives in the S&P Futures and 30­Year Bonds. As an active member in the MrTopStep IM­Pro Trading Room, he shares trading ideas and breaking market news live from the floor with our other professional traders and new traders eager to experience the power of collective intelligence. Join us today and get the edge only social trading can give you.

Niels Koops - AMS Trading Group

Niels has been day trading full time for over 8 years. He started trading stocks and penny stocks, but quickly moved to the more technical futures market. With a passion for mathematics, he fell in love with the market pretty quick, and then found out the psychology part is also something that you need to master. Well over 10,000 screen hours makes you notice things, and Niels started making his own tools and algorithms that he uses and trades. His focus is on short term trading based on order flow and volume.

David Dube ­- PTG Polaris Trading Group

David Dube is a thirty-­year trading veteran of investment banks, such as Lehman Brothers, UBS Investment Bank and various High Frequency Hedge Funds.David's interests outside trading include golf and aerobatic flying. He sees direct competitive correlations between these activities and trading. David notes that there are strong parallels between becoming an accomplished aerobatic pilot and becoming an accomplished futures trader, such as having strong desire, dedication to learning, persistence of practice, and discipline in following rules and procedures to keep you flying (trading) as safely as possible in an often turbulent environment.

Keith Gallaher

Keith has an Eidetic memory and a passion for the market. He set a goal at age 20 (1980) to become a trader by the time he turned 40 (2000). He prepared by studying old school masters Jessie Livermore and Richard D. Wyckoff for 10 years. He mastered interaction of Price, Volume, and Time using Wyckoff 's Principles of Judgement.

Using Wyckoff Wave, CASH and “hidden clock” only “Insiders”, he offers AM turn in your inbox daily. Outlining insider mindset / play book, buying and selling waves, insight how traders / insiders position to news catalyst from previous day. With current day trading levels of stop look / listen and “hidden clock” for that day. If you are looking to make 2 to 4 points or more every day in E-mini then Keith am your man.

Keith is also a daily contributor in IMPro to enhance your social experience.

Danny Sullivan and Robert White -

Dan and Rob from D.R. Futures have more than 40 years of combined experience trading stocks, options, and futures. Dan has traded both stocks and futures on the floor. Leveraging Rob's technical and programming skills, Dan and Rob developed a systematic approach using algorithms and a few technical analysis tools to identify upward and downward trends in the market to get in early, and to exit with maximum gains when the trend has died out. There system also helps to keep them and their members out of choppy markets. They make their results available to the public, which will allow you to see for yourselves how they keep losses small, and gains big by letting the runners run! 

Harmeet Goindi

Harmeet is a Senior Analyst at Trade Alert, where he focuses on developing new technology for active traders and investors. Harmeet has over a decade of institutional trading experience, having served tenures at Bank of America, BNP Paribas, and Credit Suisse prior to joining Trade Alert. Harmeet was also the Chief Investment officer for Mirch Capital Partners, an long/short equity fund trading event-based strategies. He is also Chartered Financial Analyst, having achieved the designation in 2009. Harmeet holds an MBA in Finance from New York University.

Brett Barrett
Brett started in the trading industry in 2008 as a self-directed trader. After working individually to incorporate trading software and automation concepts into his own trading, he joined NinjaTrader’s platform team in 2009. Brett transitioned to Product Manager in 2012 where he has been instrumental in shaping the platform’s roadmap and development strategy. He remains actively engaged in the trading community to ensure that NinjaTrader remains at the forefront of trading software innovation.

Stewart Solaka - Chicagostock Trading 

Stewart Solaka is a professional trader with over 13 years of experience in stocks, options, and  futures. Stewart has worked on high frequency trading strategies, complex option writing programs, and  futures trading. Stewart provided trading strategies and technical analysis reports to private clients  and brokers while at the Chicago Board of Trade, before opening the service to the public. In 2011, Stewart founded Chicagostock Trading, a company that specializes in professional analysis,  futures trading signals, and private training and mentoring.

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