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If you are looking to Discover how to recognize ideal trade location using “hidden clock” / Wyckoff Principles of Judgement.

  • If you knew WB and miss his candor and levity. WB’s tried to tie overnight news events to his levels where Peons got over their skis. Then as potential days news catalysts were aligning up; he would interject/expect his levels to play a key role in the interaction of price and volume. Time is your arse he’d say.
  • If you are looking for more—than what they find on the Internet. Sure, you’ll find tons of YouTube videos on how to trade and a few Wyckoff concepts and $3,000 courses you can take. However, they are void of practical insights into the mind of how insiders view the market. The composite man is not really touted at mainstay educational dog and pony shows. I find it amusing traders charging $3,000 to $10K and more to learn Wyckoff and the Greats. When I paid $750 way back when.
  • If you are looking at the market in terms of buy programs and sell programs in terms of algos. They are running it up they are running it down. Squeezing the shorts if you like. However, Wyckoff never used the word bulls and bears. It was popular in the 1930’s in the bucket shops where Jessie Livermore played and carried his line. Wyckoff stepped back and looked at the whole picture. The interaction of all the buys and sells and the effect it has on the market. The whole body of the market and not just the skeleton.
  • If you feel there is a void in your trading approach to the market. I was attracted to WB due to the structure of time he imposed upon the market. It was though interaction / understanding, then mastering the clock I was better able to understand the waves that move the market intraday each day. It’s the TOD (table of data) that I will be bringing to the table My unique position. Understanding the waves in the market. How they relate to WB’s clock and the composite mans campaign of accumulation, distribution, mark up and mark down that is unique to me.
  • If you desire a description of the days events. Outling traders thoughts—tied to the events of the day. Often a trader will say something in chat that sparks a conversation how the professional traders think. Its that synergy of being with people you want to be. Dr. Norman Vincent Peale’s mastermind group. What are they thinking? What URL did they post? What’s going on inside their head? I read the chat group composite mind and frame a narrative of how successful traders think, act and trade. While it may be in first person tense / my thoughts are resonating from the composite thoughts of the group mastermind.
  • If you want a Turn by Turn road map of insiders hidden clock. I have researched the last three years of WB’s work and read all his emails. And found some cases a void. A place I could fill. As an avid reader of his work; I found I had to stretch a few days to a week where he would outline the intraday action. Bill loved the long term. Often on our conversations he would say: “Not really trading much intraday—I’m looking more long term now.” I wanted more; so I highlighted the turns and given much more detail into the turns as they turn as odd / even and why.
  • If you need Today’s levels and clock. I could never duplicate WB’s levels / SPOTS with Elliott Wave pushed out in the month and years with WB’s accuracy. However, if you are looking today, tomorrow few days / week –I’m your guy. Hidden levels of supply and demand, pivots and shelf’s of accumulation and resistance, TA’s with big / small roundies. Yes I can with probability and accuracy. Now, add point-and-figure analysis—Wyckoff buying and selling tests and the point guide and principles of Wyckoff that few can master.

I have an eidetic memory and a passion for the market. I set a goal (1980) twenty to become a trader at forty (2000). I prepared ten years studying old school masters Jessie Livermore and Richard D. Wyckoff. I mastered interaction of Price, Volume and Time using Wyckoff ‘s Principles of Judgement. Using Wyckoff Wave, CASH and “hidden clock” only “Insiders” know I offer AM turn in your inbox daily. Outlining insider mindset / play book, buying and selling waves, insight how traders / insiders position to news catalyst from previous day. With current day trading levels of stop look / listen and “hidden clock” for that day. If you are looking to make 2 to 4 points or more every day in E-mini then I am your man.

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