Radar Screen – How does Market Structure Work?

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“IAM” is the online name of one of our professional trader friends who writes a respected private newsletter to be shared with just a few friends and colleagues. He lets us share the newsletter with you, our readers. We offer it to you largely unedited, so you can see how professionals think and what they talk about. All views belong to the writer.

Radar articles are a progression of view.  Radar believes reading them weekly will help you make better decisions and plan better.


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These concepts demonstrate how good MrTopStep and Frank Ochoa/Pivot Boss are!!!!!!!

Each week Radar tries to look for directional clues for the range we might expect to see and to explain my observations about why the market did what it did.  

Radar offers a free observation of things that show up along the market’s path.  It cannot be all inclusive!  The observations are done through a brief article that takes about five minutes to read each week.  It offers ideas and actions that prudent people may want to consider after seeking advice from their Financial Adviser.  Radar reads many articles and keeps a calendar to look forward.  People make trades.  Radar looks to Value and Earnings and from those trades to guide me.  Approximately 11,000 analysts create the consensus view.  Radar offers only an opinion, NO Financial Advice and it’s free.  Radar does not line up with New World Order or the Globalist agenda.

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