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​Good afternoon,

The fundamental edge took shape when Mr. Trump started talking today leading to some big swings leading a move to new highs.

It shaped up like this….After making early lows at 152.410 this future bounced to test its opening tic of 152.23 stopping just short with a print at 152.22. The ensuing pull back found a higher low at 152.13 right when Mr. Trump came into the news. An immediate push to new highs found todays 2nd fib objective for a spot on high at 153.07. The edge did turn to a positive bias due to that news and when it followed with a last low at 152.22, it found that previous high that led to a higher low, which in turn held a test of the opening print, 152.23. There is a 10 year note auction due out at noon and with the current bounce that leads a move back to the current high, it appears all systems are ago to find next resistance at 153.21 and todays # price objective 154.03. Looking to see if the 10 year has any bearing today in front of a 30 year bond auction due out tomorrow at noon.

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