Tradechat Rooms: Daphu with ES Zones



These are the levels being watch in our ES-Zone room.   Next week the doors will be open for preview.    Let us know if you are interested

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Marlin Cobb (1086 Posts)

Marlin Cobb, aka RedLionTrader has been trading for over ten years. Previously, Marlin worked in high-technology with a specialty in very high resolution display controllers. Marlin’s recent work has been in market timing signals. As a developer of the MrTopStep imbalance Meter (MiM), he is also a leader in the MrTopStep IM-Pro Trading Room, where he shares trading ideas and breaking market news live from the floor with our other professional traders and new traders eager to experience the power of collective intelligence. Join us today and get the edge only social trading can give you.

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