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William Blount’s S&P
500 Technical Analysis

A Trader’s Guide to S&P 500 Futures Levels

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William Blount has been an S&P 500 analysis contributor at MrTopStep for the past 3.5 years. He has been trading with computers since 1984. He has over 30 years experience with Elliott, Gann, and Edwards & Magee as well as other masters. His daily commentary focuses upon S&P 500 price analysis on multi-integrated time frames from scalping to position trading.

He employs short term cycle work and utilizes an algorithmic code in his decision making process.

The daily commentary provides key prices, Charts, and a daily support and resistance matrix

The great thing about William is the combination of experience, enthusiasm, and personality he brings to his trading advice. His lingo takes a little getting used to–a combination of Renaissance man and country boy–but once you get it, you get to see a brilliant mind at work deciphering market moves in a way few people can.

I have been trading for over 48 years and have never seen a better technician than William Blount, he has been greatly responsible for my success , truly a great asset to mr topstep and to all his followers.

– Stephen Cohen, independent futures and options trader

WB shares priceless information derived from years of experience via his levels and comments, I consider myself privileged to have access to his mind which appears to absorb so much trading information with ease, his analysis and his humor. I respect and honor his levels and when my own analysis finds those “matches” in both bias and levels of importance, for me, it creates a distinct increased probability scenario.

– Kathy Garber, Structural Trading

I use William’s system every day to trade, it’s an invaluable resource for my trading framework. This clever system has taken decades to develop in the S&P market and the results speak volumes. It requires a trader’s discipline and focus to learn and implement these ideas into their own setups. The verifiable levels, many given months in advance, taught me to have a framework in place of levels and areas that provide significant trading opportunities. Combined with a cycle system called the clock, one can use their own time frames and indicators to build a confident and profitable platform.

– Albie Shamess