Weekend Prelude on May 16 Red Letter Trading Day

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Energy is building for a weekend of surprises.

Beware the Weekend

By Susan Abbott Gidel
May 15, 2019

(All times Eastern)

Astrological activity on Saturday is the star of the show over the final two trading days of the week, as energy builds to reveal surprises when the markets are closed.

The overnight trade for Thursday, May 16 will absorb the initial shock of Mars moving into the sign of Cancer, its absolute least favorite, at 11:09 pm Wednesday. Mars is a planet of action and aggressiveness; in Cancer, Mars is expected to hold back and be protective. As a result, initiating energy for everyone in the world is weak. Mars remains in Cancer through end-June.

Also in overnight trade, it could be a time to trade by feel rather than be logic. That’s due to a connection between Mercury and Neptune at 9:20 pm Wednesday that delivers an ability to tap into the intuition.

Fridays’s trade features Mercury and Saturn in position at 7:09 pm Thursday to do some good planning and tidying up of details.

All three of these planetary aspects are just the prelude to an active astrological weekend that has “unexpected” written all over it. On Saturday, there is a Full Moon in Scorpio that brings light to the hidden. In a similar theme, Mercury trine Pluto on Saturday suggests secrets could be revealed. Finally, Venus and Uranus are aligned in the sign of Taurus, which translates into unexpected money—either up or down.

Potential trend changes based on planetary positions include:

  • Gold high on Thursday
  • Soybean high on Friday
  • S&P 500 high on Friday
  • 10-year T-note low on Friday
  • Euro FX high on Monday 

Thursday’s reports include:

  • Wednesday 9:30 pm  Australia Labour Force Survey
  • 4:00 am  Italy CPI
  • 8:30 am  US Housing Starts
  • 8:30 am  US Jobless Claims
  • 8:30 am  US Philadelphia Fed Business Outlook Survey

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