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 16 November, 2023

Despite the somber morning in Melbourne today, nothing but bright smiles from one of Peak’s finest as he clocks in for the last working day of the year.
Enjoy your extended holiday, Ali!

Across markets

Australian shares are poised to open lower after Wall Street extended gains and traders gained confidence the Federal Reserve would be able to pull off a soft landing.

ASX futures were down 17 points or 0.2 per cent at 7115.

The $A was up +0.1% to 65.14 US cents at 5.34am.

Investors parsed a batch of US economic data overnight: retail sales slowed in October and prior months were revised higher — suggesting some resiliency going into the holiday season. Producer prices unexpectedly declined by the most since April 2020.

“We got more Goldilocks today,” said David Russell, global head of market strategy at TradeStation. “Price growth is moderating, but with strong demand on the sidelines. The soft landing is taking shape.”

Shares in retailer Target soared 17.6 per cent after solid earnings. But market darling Nvidia dropped 1.2 per cent, ending a 10-day winning streak. It’s due to report November 21. (Billionaires George Soros and Stanley Druckenmiller cut their stakes in Nvidia in the September quarter, according to filings.)

Treasuries fell after a surge that put global bonds on the verge of erasing their 2023 losses. . The yield on the 10-year Treasury climbed to 4.54% from 4.45%

Europe’s STOXX 600 hit a more than one-month high.

All eyes are on this morning’s highly anticipated meeting between US President Joe Biden and China’s Xi Jinping – the first in over a year.

Source: AFR

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Closer to Home
  • Oil and gas titan ExxonMobil reveals big bold lithium-producing plans
  • Despite recent bearish lithium spot prices, EV sales are surging in Europe
  • S&P Global believes lithium supply will need to increase 270% to meet future demand
  • Weekly ASX battery metal gainers led by: AZL, WML, ASR

Our High Voltage column wraps the news driving ASX stocks with exposure to lithium, graphite, cobalt, nickel, rare earths, manganese, magnesium, and vanadium.

If you’re a battery metals investor, there are several reasons to be optimistic about the future of the sector, or at least awake to it. Here are three…

1. Fossil fuels beast Exxon’s big shift into lithium

2. Growing evidence of long-term EV demand with sales picking up 

3. Follow-the-money M&A activity in the Aussie lithium scene

And there’s more besides, too. The ducks seem to be lining up for battery metal hunters and producers – you just need to look at the big picture is all.

The “exponential age” is that big, wide-angle lens picture – one that encompasses rapidly accelerating technologies – artificial intelligence, machine learning, biotech, blockchain, clean, efficient energy narratives and more.

Battery metals mining and production and electric-powered vehicles (EVs) very much slots into the “and more” part. Which is not to say it’s not a massive part of the very near future.

American oil and gas energy major ExxonMobil has certainly woken in a cold sweat from its electric dreaming. It’s been known for a while it’s been shifting towards the EV narrative and has now confirmed it’s making a major move into the sector – lithium hunting and producing.

Meanwhile S&P Global sees the neon writing on the wall, too, citing exciting stats in its latest research, which we’ll touch on further below.

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Raise Amount: $5.75M
Latest Entry Price: $0.011
Today’s Price Change: $0.007 Unchanged

Company: Castle Minerals Ltd. (ASX:CDT)
Sector: Battery Metals/Base Metals
Deal Type: Placement
Raise Amount: $1.52M
Latest Entry Price: $0.02 with a 2:3 CDTOA
Today’s Price Change: $0.011 Unchanged

Company: Avenira Ltd. (ASX:AEV)
Sector: Phosphate
Deal Type: Placement
Raise Amount: $2.1M
Latest Entry Price: $0.01 with a 1:2 AEVO
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Company: Latrobe Magnesium Ltd. (ASX:LMG)
Sector: Magnesium
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Company: Askari Metals Ltd (ASX:AS2)
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Company: Fatfish Group (ASX:FFG)
Sector: Fintech
Deal Type: Placement
Raise Amount: $1.5M
Latest Entry Price: $0.015 with a 1:2 FFGOA
Today’s Price Change: $0.012 -7.69%

Company: Paradigm Biopharma (ASX:PAR)
Sector: Biopharma
Deal Type: IPO Cornerstone
Raise Amount: $1M+
Latest Entry Price: $0.35
Today’s Price Change: $0.395 -0.63%

Company: ReNu Energy Limited (ASX:RNE)
Sector: Energy
Deal Type: Placement
Raise Amount: $1.46M
Latest Entry Price: $0.06 with a 1:1 RNEO
Today’s Price Change: $0.022 +4.76%

Company: Carly Holdings Ltd (ASX:CL8)
Sector: AI and Car subscription
Deal Type: Placement
Raise Amount: $1.25M
Latest Entry Price: $0.025 with a 1:2 CL8O
Today’s Price Change: $0.016 Unchanged

Company: Avecho Biotechnology (ASX:AVE)
Sector: CBD
Deal Type: Placement
Raise Amount: $5M
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Today’s Price Change: $0.004 -20.00%

Company: ECS Botanics Holdings Ltd (ASX:ECS)
Sector: Medicinal Cannabis
Deal Type: Placement
Raise Amount: $6.6M
Latest Entry Price: $0.033 with 1:2 ECSO
Today’s Price Change: $0.023 +4.55%

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