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IM Pro Trading Chatroom

Trade with the MrTopStep pros and a community of diverse backgrounds and experience. Suitable for any level of trader, the IM Pro Trading Chatroom Exchange gives you unique insight into stock market setups, entry and exit levels, chart sharing, diverse perspectives and more.

Mrtopstep Pros

The MrTopStep Pros bring decades of experience of trading on the floor of the CBOE, sharing their perspectives and trades in real time.


Share your charts easily within the chatroom to showcase your analysis, or view other’s charts to get a diverse perspective of setups.


Listen in to the community when they go live while hearing their audio and seeing their charts in real time. Get on the air yourself to share your views.


A friendly and professional environment of like-minded traders sharing their unique backgrounds and setups from all experience levels.

IM Pro Trading Chatroom

Market Imbalance Meter

Market Imbalance Meter

Market Insight

The Market imbalance Meter (MiM) is a tool for discovering how the opening and closing auction on the NYSE is developing and to give you a unique insiders view of the buy and sell imbalances.

Price Discovery

During the last two trading hours of the NYSE market, our team of floor traders are busy gathering and assembling floor imbalance data which we aggregate and build a picture of how the open and closing auctions are developing.

Opening Print Newsletter

Become a better trader with the Opening Print sent directly to your inbox each day. Danny Riley brings 40+ years of trading experience, providing you with unique insight into the trading day ahead.

Why the Opening Print?

Danny worked the orders on the Chicago trading floors for nearly four decades, giving him an unrivaled feel for the flow of the market. Who else do you know who was placing buy and sell orders on the floor for that long?

The Opening Print gives traders and investors a feel for the flow like no one else can, including key breadth numbers, technical analysis, Danny Riley’s View, and more.

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