Save A Vet, Fire And Administrator $ES_F 1883 X 1862; Markets Take Rest

The markets took a rest on the way up to oversold on the Zweig. Today’s gap open should correct that. Zweig needs a 2:1 on the NYSE a/d line today.

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Three Hot Tech Stocks – Earnings ESP

The later half of the first quarter of 2014 saw investors dumping high flying momentum stocks like Twitter (TWTR) on lofty valuations that lacked fundamental support.

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Runaway Market, Very Bullish: $ES_F 1881 x 1868

Featured Breadth Chart of the Day:   It is looking more and more that I have this wrong sided, expecting a journey lower.  I wanted < 40 before > 61.25.  It is reaching up for that higher number now and going into overbought territory.  It needs a 2:1 A/D line today to reach rarefied status. […]

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Trades & Levels

It’s Time To Get Your Financial Future In Order With MTS’ IM Pro Boot Camp!

It’s time to put your financial future in order and our week-long IM Pro Boot Camp will certainly help you do such!

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Report: High-Frequency Fight Starts in Foreign Exchange

Foreign-exchange dealers say they have the solution to the high-frequency trades eroding banks’ profits across financial markets.

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Using Nadex Binary Options to Trade the Expected S&P 500 Bounce

This week I will be focusing on using Nadex binary options to capitalize from my market view

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SPY, Gold and Yen Harmonic Scenarios

  SPY in between opposing emerging harmonic patterns, potential bounce to 186.85 for ideal min retracement target for small Bullish Bat,  refer to previous @mrtopstep post for Day chart levels at  .  If price exceeds 185.70 to the downside, the large brown triangle point will shift to 188.17, not changing the dynamics of that pattern.  […]

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Japanese Yen Futures’ Bats, 5-0 Harmonic Rotations

Here is an update to a previous post regarding 6JH13. In that particular post, it was written that there was a shallow retracement.

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Opinion & Commentary

$ES_F Streak Held To Six As Eco Numbers Disappoint

Ackman and Buffett will both be on CNBC. Other than earnings not much else is on the calendar for this week, but next week will be extremely busy on the “macro” front.

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S&P Up Six In A Row: Mutual Funds To The Rescue [CHART]

Low rates continue to push money into stocks despite being near record highs. S&P 1900 is once again in sight.

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Gold, As Simple As ‘ABCD’

GCM14 has a bigger picture and intraday ABCD pattern which will help other harmonic patterns play out.

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Into a Long Weekend – After The Trade with Jack Broz

A look ahead with the bonds featuring Jack Broz

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Seasonal Strength In Thirty-Year Treasury Bond Begins In Late April

As featured in Seasonal Sector Trades: 2014 Q2 Strategies (available soon), there exists an inverse relationship between bond yield and price.

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The Market Below The Pivot – After The Trade with Jack Broz

Quiet over the week with the bonds, This is After The Trade with Jack Broz

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Report: Brent/WTI Spread Widens As Surplus Of Crude Comes Into Focus

The big story over the last twenty four hours in the oil complex has been the strong widening of the Brent/WTI spread.

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Bigger Picture Harmonic Scenarios for Week starting 4/14/2014

**Note **  Use these longer timeframe charts throughout the week, intraday charts will be posted daily.  These charts are also setups for swing entries.  

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Major Resistance At 104.48 In Crude Oil

Crude Oil saw expansion through our 102.24 key level and rallied to new contract highs for the year at 104.55, reaching our 104.48 target in the process.

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