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Description Live trading in the IM Pro trading room. Stand shoulder to shoulder with our lead traders and follow their trades. Use our tradeTalk news feed and charts. Ask questions in the room or private chat amongst the traders. Toward the close use the complimentary access to MrTopStep Closing Imblance Meter, our MiM. It will give you a view into what the insitituions and funds are doing going into the close, as much as an hour early.

The room is designed for you, to give you a step up to trade and give you equal footing with the big guys.
30 day 100% refund upon request
  • Open 24/7
  • Moderated with Live Trades
  • Audio updates 2x+ per day
  • Breaking news and information from exchange floors
  • Customize alerts
  • 30 day 100% refund if not satisfied
About our Traders:
Kathy Garber
I offer ES, NQ, CL, TF, 6E & DAX premarket and lunch update analysis video laying out the harmonic pattern, volume profile and confluence levels for targets and important support and resistance. My charts are streamed live so it makes it easier to follow the setups posted as they occur live. I offer what I'm looking for to trade, when I'm stalking a trade, the entry point, risk and targets. I'm available to answer questions either privately or in the group chat.
Frank Ochoa
Frank Ochoa, a 14-year market veteran and author of the critically acclaimed book Secrets of a Pivot Boss, has one rule when it comes to trading: keep it simple. Ochoa has traded in both discretionary and fully-automated trading environment, while spearheading trading software creation and development, including the creation of advanced trading systems. While Ochoa believes that knowledge can be obtained through books and videos, he further believes that learning alongside true financial professionals can provide layered knowledge and understanding about the long-term planning and financial prosperity. As a premiere trading educator, Ochoa is a leading voice of reason, understanding and assistance in the IM-Pro Chat Room. In fact, one of his favorite sayings is: “Emulate the pros and one day you’ll become a pro.”
Jack Broz
Jack Broz has made quite a name for himself in the IM-Pro Chat Room as well as on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange floor as one of the hardest-working, most approachable and honest traders/ educators, when it comes to finance and bonds! Broz is a leading authority on the US Treasury bond, Treasury note, SP (ES) and mini Dow (YM). He also keeps his coaching skills sharp by assisting other traders with their trades, as well as others who seek his assistance and expertise when it comes to understanding bonds and their significance in obtaining financial prosperity. Broz, who was recently provided in Futures Magazine, provides constant and thorough information that traders can benefit form on an on-going basis. His knowledge base and decades of experience have evolved into his own website, brozonbonds.com, a hub of information that provides real-time data, analysis, and trade recommendations for the US bond, note, SP500, and Dow futures markets. Additional services Broz provides include: a nightly newsletter, access to his live-trading room direct from the floor of the CBOT, and academy programs.
Danny Riley
Danny Riley has worked in the futures and options industry for 33 years, including the CBOT’s bond room, where he worked for several of the Market Wizards. He went on to build the largest volume desk in the S&P 500 Index Futures, serving some of the largest banks and hedge funds, the UBS program trading business, and some of the world's top individual traders. As a leader and co-creator of the MrTopStep IM-Pro Trading Room, he shares trading ideas and breaking market news live from the floor with our other professional traders and new traders eager to experience the power of collective intelligence. Join us today and get the edge only social trading can give you .
30 day 100% refund upon request

"Real traders, real trades, actionable information. A great break from all the talking heads on TV"

What & How we Trade

The MTS room offers trading styles for all types of traders and methodologies, from daytrades to overnight or swing positions using market order flow, harmonic rotations, Elliott wave, volume profile, MiM and valuable input from seasoned CME floor traders. When diverse methods merge into a common level, the probability percentile increases tremendously. Risk management and pyschological mindset are focal points which enhance high probability entries. Most popular instruments traded live are ES, NQ and CL, but 6E, 6J, NG, GC, TF, ZN, ZB, ZS, AAPL and SPY are included in analysis and trade setups.

Trading Academy A few times per year MrTopStep hosts a Trading Academy. This is an intensive one week of learning to trade with our traders in a version of our IM Pro room. There is homework, webinars and plenty of support and time for questions and answers. It is an excellent time to use and see the MrTopStep tool box in action. For the week you will have access to our Traders, Room and MiM. To find out when the next boot camp is you can click here.
30 day 100% refund upon request
Description MrTopStep's TradeTalk™ is our original published content both written and video. We have daily video updates from the floor of the CME, bringing the action of the pits directly to you. Our contributors are some of the best in the industry. You can follow MrTopStep's tradeTalk flow on Twitter (@MrTopStep), Facebook, or our website. You can install our news reader on your mobile device and never be far from the markets or access to floor. Most of the MrTopStep tradeTalk content can be accessed for free. We will be adding in premium content over the next year. We want to make sure as many traders as possible have access to ALL the information. Follow us or go here to read our tradeTalk content.
  • Daily Pre-Market Opening Print
  • Social media outreach - Twitter & Facebook
  • Alerts and setup ie. Harmonic Patterns, Pivots, Analysis
  • Daily reports on weather & grains
  • Features from international contributors
  • Webinar information and sign ups
  • Breaking news and current events that effect the markets
  • Coming soon: Premium content at affordable prices
  • Videos: Daily video from the floor of the CME and Closing Print
  • Coming soon: Premium content at affordable prices
Opening Print Start your morning off right with the MrTopStep Opening Print! We gather all of the pertinent information and deliver it to your inbox to help you decide how you want to approach the daily markets. The Opening Print is sent each trading morning pre-market via email and is free. Subscribe below to start getting your daily delivery!

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Closing Print At the end of the day watch our Floor video update recapping the events into the close and getting you ready for tomrrow's and the overnight trade
Market Recap Brian from the floor each night writes the day's recaps, how the markets responded to key levels along with observations from the floor and various other channels.
Twitter Throughout the tradiing day use or active twitter feed to find breaking stories and updated post from our webiste. Watch for updates from the floors and early news that moves the markets. Our twitter feed is @MrTopStep
Videos More Visual? Follow our YouTube channel and Exclusive content video feed for updates from the floor and trading desks around the globe.

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About our Contributors:
Description MrTopStep believes that in order to trade these ever changing markets academy is essential. Most of our traders are eductators too and offer an array of webinars, tutorials, books and mentoring. We also host a few webinars each month. In addtion a few times a year we have a Trading Academy a chance to experience the array of the MrTopStep tools for a full intensive week. We think academy is key.
Trading 101 To help you get started, MrTopStep has accumlated a set of rules over the last 30 years of trading. Some of these rules you probably nerver heard of. Many are floor trader rules that have been tested and modified over time. Get your free copy of these Insider Insights for your trading library by clicking on the button below.
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  • Trading Academy - Week long training with MrTopStep team & tools
  • Mentorships
PivotBoss Masters academy:
Frank Ochoa
Frank's PivotBoss Masters academy offers premiere training to professional traders. The foundational concepts of the PivotBoss methodology are established in the following topics, and more continue to be added in our growing academyal database:
  • Core Principles
  • Core Analysis
  • Core Trade Management
  • Core Price Forecasting
  • Core Execution
  • Core Mindset
Kathy Garber
IM Pro trader, Kathy, has taken the best of Fibonacci ratios, Harmonic Patterns and Volume Profile and shaped them into a methodology that is designed to build confidence for new or wounded traders. It's been proven again and again that all traders will invest in their education one way or another, Kathy offers the rewards of diverse mentorships, learning the markets the hard way by risking capital before ready to trade, and creating a mechanical way of trading through trial and error, then gathering all of that information into one place in by way of either educational video series or one on one mentorship designed to focus on individual needs.
Webinars Get a free pass below to view our archive of webinars. These are some of the best traders discussing techiques, how they trade, what they trade and how they take money home form the markets. All our archive webinars are FREE!. For a list of our future webinars you can click here.
Free Webinars!
Trading Academy A few times per year MrTopStep hosts a Trading Academy. This is an intensive one week of learning to trade with our traders in a version of our IM Pro room. There is homework, webinars and plenty of support and time for questions and answers. It is an excellent time to use and see the MrTopStep tool box in action. For the week you will have access to our Traders, Room and MiM. To find out when the next boot camp is you can click here.
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Description Check out MrTopStep's Trading Tool Box! Inside, you will find a myriad of tools to help retail investors get an equal edge in the market. In our toolbox, you will find indicators, mentor programs, and more! We are sure you will find something worth exploring and testing.
Trading Tools:
The MrTopStep Market Imbalance Meter is designed to give the retail trader a "heads up" about the pending imbalance climate for the NYSE market close. It uses a subset of NYSE symbols, that closely model the S&P 500 and montiors their pending advertised imbalances more than an hour before the close. The size and bias of the imblanance help to show trader what the institiutiotan and professional money's sentiment is going into the close. Learn More About the MiM.
Structural Trading - Harmonic Patterns
Kathy's structured way of trading focuses on harmonic patterns, derived from Fibonacci and geometric symmetrical movements. Her proprietary indicators were created specifically for traders wanting to introduce fibonacci ratio's into their methodology and to recognize higher probability entries and signals early clues to scale or exit a position, available only in NinjaTrader.
  • Gold Subscription - Premarket analysis featuring intraday setups, end of day levels, weekly levels and intraday live setups and trading strategies primarily for ES, NQ and CL but 6E, TF and DAX are included
  • STPesavento Indicator - Automatically draws swing lines, Fibonacci rotations (single or multiple) and reversal signals
  • STRenko Bars - A proprietary Renko bar, designed to enhance the STPesavento signals, reduce noise on price action displayed on the chart, and signals entry, exit and cautionary triggers
Broz on Bonds
Jack has a premarket daily report and active chat room that while focusing on bonds, also trades DOW futures based on strategic levels in the S&P. Trade live with Jack from the CME floor or use his trading levels as a tool to time your own entries.
PivotBoss Premium:
Frank's Premium service offers short and long term analysis and trade ideas for the futures markets, and also provides ongoing academy through a variety of mediums. The PivotBoss approach focuses on identifying the best market-generated key levels via the volume profile, triggering precision entries based on order flow, and forecasting targets based on our ADR Method. Premium Members also receive:
  • Pre-Market, Midday, and Post-Market Video Reports
  • Short and Medium Term Commentaries
  • PivotBoss Key Levels and ADR Method Targets
  • Video Library and LookBooks Chart Gallery
  • Proprietary Tools for MarketDelta Charts