Running Late–Quick update $ES_F 1861 x 1842

Featured Breadth Chart of the Day:   Yesterday was stronger than the bearish stance we would have liked with breadth moving a bit more bullish than makes us comfortable.  We still remain on the bear side until the trenders confirm.  They moved to neutral yesterday. Our premise is made on the fact that we really […]

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Best Six Months for Stocks Webinar Now Available! [VIDEO]

In case you missed, or would simple like to view again, this past Saturday’s webinar, “Best 6 Months For Stocks: Are You Positioned For a Change?” is now available.

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Death Of The CME’s Big S&P Futures Contract

Harry “The Hat” Lawrence once ruled the CME trading floor. If you had a problem you went to “HAT.”

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Trades & Levels

Using Nadex Binary Options to Trade the Expected S&P 500 Bounce

This week I will be focusing on using Nadex binary options to capitalize from my market view

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Five-Year Treasuries Yields Rebounding

The growing series of stronger than expected economic reports, now including yesterday’s retail sales, may be having an influence finally.

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Market Action Center: Signals Emerge To Next Big Move [VIDEO]

This Tuesday, we begin with the NASDAQ lagging while the markets are higher while the markets provide indications of big moves.

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SPY, Gold and Yen Harmonic Scenarios

  SPY in between opposing emerging harmonic patterns, potential bounce to 186.85 for ideal min retracement target for small Bullish Bat,  refer to previous @mrtopstep post for Day chart levels at  .  If price exceeds 185.70 to the downside, the large brown triangle point will shift to 188.17, not changing the dynamics of that pattern.  […]

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Japanese Yen Futures’ Bats, 5-0 Harmonic Rotations

Here is an update to a previous post regarding 6JH13. In that particular post, it was written that there was a shallow retracement.

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Opinion & Commentary

Air Products Seals Major Order for PRISM – Analyst Blog

By Zacks Equity Research Air Products AS, the Norwegian subsidiary of industrial gas giant Air Products (APD), has clinched a major order for PRISM nitrogen systems for shipboard applications from one of the Tightly actually it travel Old lot actually exfoliation low price cialis with the say product on grocery like thought […]

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Nektar Presents Pipeline Data – Analyst Blog

By Zacks Equity Research Nektar Therapeutics (NKTR) presented preclinical data on its oncology candidates, NKTR-102 (a novel next-generation topoisomerase I inhibitor) and NKTR-214, at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the American Association of Cancer Research (AACR). Results showed that NKTR-102 was successful in reducing the size and number of brain metastases compared to placebo and […]

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FLIR Receives Defense Contracts – Analyst Blog

By Zacks Equity Research Recently, FLIR Systems, Inc. (FLIR) received a nod for a full-rate production decision for its integrated chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosives (CBRNE) threat response system for the Dismounted Reconnaissance Sets, Kits and Outfits (DR SKO) program from the U.S. Department of Defence. The DR SKO program is a joint service […]

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Into a Long Weekend – After The Trade with Jack Broz

A look ahead with the bonds featuring Jack Broz

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Seasonal Strength In Thirty-Year Treasury Bond Begins In Late April

As featured in Seasonal Sector Trades: 2014 Q2 Strategies (available soon), there exists an inverse relationship between bond yield and price.

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The Market Below The Pivot – After The Trade with Jack Broz

Quiet over the week with the bonds, This is After The Trade with Jack Broz

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Major Resistance At 104.48 In Crude Oil

Crude Oil saw expansion through our 102.24 key level and rallied to new contract highs for the year at 104.55, reaching our 104.48 target in the process.

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Bigger Picture Harmonic Scenarios for Week starting 4/7/2014

**Note **  Use these longer timeframe charts throughout the week, intraday charts will be posted daily.  These charts are also setups for swing entries.

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Major Expansion Ahead For Crude Oil

Crude Oil’s price range has compressed significantly in recent trading, suggesting range expansion is ahead, which could offer a move worth 7.50 points in the next two weeks.

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