Sunday, April 11, 2021

MrTopStep Trading Academy

MrTopStep Trading Academy


Learn to Trade Bonds with Jack Broz

On the trading floor every day since 1996, Jack Broz has the knowledge and experience to help you become the best you can be.  Whether you are a professional trader looking to add the edge or brand new and looking to learn, Jack will crack open his order books so you can see behind the scenes. Jack’s commentary explains his thought process step by step, breaking down each trade!Because he is on the floor of the CME, he is privy to other sources of information on the floor and he will deliver this directly to you! Don’t let his invaluable experience and expertise pass you by! With a subscription to his services, you get his newsletter FIVE times a week which helps you create a foundation for the next day’s session.If you are looking to get the ‘why’ behind the trade-then look no further.
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Learn to Trade Harmonics with Kathy Garber

Kathy Garber’s clients consistently thank her, not just for teaching them the theory and effective use of Harmonic Patterns in technical trading, but for coaching them as they apply the methods in their own trading.Her patient teaching approach helps students master not only the technical analysis, but the all-important inner game of emotional control and risk management. Kathy also offers a pair of thoroughly field-tested proprietary indicators which she uses in her own daily trading. Regularly priced at $149 each, Kathy is offering both indicators—a $298 value—for just $200 exclusively to MrTopStep readers who purchase through this website.In addition, Kathy will offer a complimentary webinar for MrTopStep subscribers and Trading Room trial members, to teach you the basics of her Harmonic Pattern method.
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Learn to Trade Pivots with Frank Ochoa

Frank Ochoa, known as the PivotBoss, is a 14-year veteran of the stock and futures markets and a professional trader and trading educator. His Premium Membership gives you access to top-level professional commentary, analysis, and key levels for major markets each trading day. You’ll receive analysis and trade recommendations for short, medium, and long term outlooks for several major markets, including the E-Mini S&P 500.
All subscribers will receive an exclusive training webinar on the foundations of the PivotBoss approach, including analysis, pro-style entry techniques, forecasting accurate targets, trade management, risk management, and more. ($300 value) plus a copy of his acclaimed book Secrets of a Pivot Boss ($99 value).
Regularly priced at $119 a month, Frank is offering his membership package for just $99 a month to MrTopStep members, or $990 a year (2 FREE months).
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