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Each day as we approach the markets, we do our homework: gather information, know the fundamentals, understand the technicals, and apply our “feel”. With so many components and factors that could affect the markets, we’ve compiled the Opening Print Newsletter to help you navigate the trading day. It contains all of the pertinent information about the trading day ahead to help you decide how you want to approach the markets.

The Opening Print is sent out each morning before the opening bell, and is a must read for any trader who wants to prime themselves with the knowledge and insight to a successful trading day.

In the Opening Print, Danny Riley covers several important market factors that every trader should know about that day’s action, including:

  • Upcoming events for the week that could affect the markets
  • S&P 500 Futures Overnight Action
  • Levels and Pivots to know and watch
  • How the Asian and European markets traded overnight
  • MrTopStep’s View – our call on how we see the day unfolding and how we plan on approaching it



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