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Stocks showed a strong move to the upside in early trading on Thursday but gave back ground over the course of the session. While the major averages pulled back well off their best levels of the day, they still ended the session at new record closing highs.

Yesterday's Technical Review using
WB's Emini Clock and Wyckoff's Tape Reading Principles

I'm not one to go all 'Chicken Little' but a trader should be asking themselves this question; "Why is the market up at these all time highs?" AI the darling of Wall Street, the new 'Shiney Shiney', seems to have fallen from grace. NVDA has been trending with the ES almost tick for tick. That's never a good thing…

I talked last week the Banks are raising their reserve requirements starting last Monday, Walton gang liquated 4.5 billion shares, Mr. Z, took out half a billion, and Mr. Buffet, he's been kicking out going to CASH before his buddy left us. Something is a foot. The previous POTUS inability to secure a bond for 489 Million is not political it's financial.

With all his clout. With all his markers. He can't get the deal. Real estate is not holding it's value. They are reducing the commission a realtor can charge. It's tied to the banking. We'll leave it at that. There is a reason the billionaires are leaving the market…

Something a coming and you an't going to like it! The clock is slowly getting back in synch. Yesterday was a nothing burger day. The best advice I heard was from PITBULL: MY OLD AXIOM 20 POINTS OVER A CENTURY MARK RESISTANC. (I think that's in his book)

And that's what happened. Price was unable to take out the highs and started to roll over from that high. Bulls tried as they might they gave it up at 12:30 pm. If you were looking to get short, that was the place. You could have sooner, but you probably would have gotten spoked out.

Wyckoff Trader,

P.S. If you've read this analysis, you might be curious when the best time to consider a short position:

Based on the information provided, a seasoned day trader looking to short the eMini futures might have considered putting a short position at or around the century mark resistance level plus 20-points, especially if the price was unable to take out the highs and started to roll over. This approach is consistent with the trader's observation about the significance of the 20-point resistance level and the idea of waiting for a confirmation of the market reversal before entering a short position.

Trading in the eMini futures market is risky and can change rapidly, and several factors can impact the market. To minimize potential losses, always use stops when placing trades, but understand that there is always the risk that a market gap could result in a larger-than-expected loss.

Be sure to use a stop with every trade placed to help mitigate potential losses, and only trade with risk capital that can be afforded to lose.

Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that the market can change quickly and what was a good trade opportunity at one point may no longer be valid at another. It is essential to use risk management techniques such as stop losses and position sizing to protect your capital.

With that started here are the "PROSE and THE NUMBAHS"

good morning today is SERIES S3L with the spill up.

News: Jerome Powell Speaks at 9:00 AM ET. All times EST.

Last Night: See Actionalble Trade Plan above.

Edge: No edge yet. The time change and muddy the clock and the contract changed.

There has been a change in the force. At least in the Day Light Savings time. It will take a few days.

A weak or two for the force to realign itself. Till then your TS's and roundies. Clock muddy for now.

7/8/9 AM: Price gave it up at the Daily Pivot of 5309 and traded down to the Weekly R2 5494 handle.

Today: Bulls need to hold what they got from yesterday.

Bulls Want: 94, 16, 37

Bears Want: 74, 61, 53

Globex: 19 handle trading range on 138 volume.

Cycle Bias: Favored to the bull.

Tone: VIX trading at 12.80

Shape of the day: Due to time change, clock may be muddy.

Honing: Waiting on clock to synch

Bill Fish (4H/4D) Holding LONG. LONG

Tuna (30m 1+D) Holding LONG. LONG

Sardine (5M-1D) Did not see an edge all day. OUT.

Pre Opening: Holding on the the Weekly R2 5295 handle.

The clock is used for timing your entries and exits. Position long at the lows exit at the highs. Get short at the highs buy in at the lows. When the trend is in, WB's clock is your friend!

Your edge is a series of trades, not just one trade or one day.

Dates: February 24 Snow Moon 7:30 a.m. Spring Equinox March 20 5:24 pm (all times est)



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