YES. I have skin in the game. I trade my own personal account. Sardine / Tuna / Billfish trades are for educational purposes only. I am NOT a futures broker and do not manage any accounts. It is my intent to show where trades may occur. What you do is up to you. You can follow my IDEAS to profit or loss. You determine trade size, when, where and how you trade. (CFTC) Futures is not for everyone. IT IS A VOLATILE, COMPLEX AND RISKY BUSINESS. Before you invest, know how much you can afford to lose.


After moving mostly lower over the two previous sessions, stocks showed a strong move back to the upside during trading on Tuesday. The major averages fluctuated over the course of the session but finished the day firmly in positive territory. The tech-heavy Nasdaq helped lead the way.

Yesterday's Technical Review using
WB's Emini Clock and Wyckoff's Tape Reading Principles

Futures Move To The Upside Following Consumer Price Data. That's what they said before the open. The Labor Department said its consumer price index climbed by 0.4 percent in February after rising by 0.3 percent in January. The increase matched economist estimates. Excluding food and energy prices, core consumer prices also rose by 0.4 percent in February, matching the increase seen in January. Economists had expected core prices to rise by 0.3 percent.

Point less than a half a percent. Excluding food and energy prices. What else is there but food and energy to live. Perhaps water. For now, the tap is free. Eariler in my career I was an operations research analys. I'd often tell the CEO of Finance, what do you want the numbers to confess to? Cause, you know, if you tourtue the numbers long enough, they will confess to anything…

The clock on hiatus and the day was Series One. It's your levels, TA's and roundies. I often WB was talking about someone of a female persuasion. We are trading at all time highs. Perhaps just getting ready to take out the all time highs. Yesterday was a Wetbeak.

Here's a gem of a nugget from the chat yesterday: (3:00:23 PM) : but I'll sit through a trade from one close to the next….not everyone's tolerance but i did a lot of testing to verify that time was a better stop than price….over time…not for everyone i know….but i chose to optimize for the 8 hour to 3 day time frame becasue I knew i couldn't compete with super computers and figured that time frame was trafficed lightly by that "highly computerized" player and I vol adjust my sizes every night so that I don't expose myself to more than a 1% drawdown

Take what you want. Leave the rest for the others.

The ideal best trade was the spill down. It held at the daily pivot and half way retracement of the previous day. You had the volovility, the news and the griind up. What else would you have wanted? The ideal exit would have been at the end of the day. That would have been about a 60 plus handle day.

Wyckoff Trader,

P.S. If you've read this analysis, you you might be curious when the best time to consider a long position:

Daily pivot and halfway retracement of the previous day. This level offers a few advantages:

1. It is a psychologically significant level, which may attract other buyers and provide support.
2. It is a technical level, which may be closely watched by other traders and institutions.
3. It is a level that offers a favorable risk/reward ratio, as the trader can place a stop-loss order below this level to limit potential losses.

Overall, the ideal exit would be at the end of the day, as the trader mentioned. However, the trader should be prepared to exit the position earlier if the market conditions change or if the price movement does not meet the trader's expectations.

Trading in the eMini futures market is risky and can change rapidly, and several factors can impact the market. To minimize potential losses, always use stops when placing trades, but understand that there is always the risk that a market gap could result in a larger-than-expected loss.

Be sure to use a stop with every trade placed to help mitigate potential losses, and only trade with risk capital that can be afforded to lose.

With that started here are the "PROSE and THE NUMBAHS"

good morning today is SERIES S2L.

News: EIA Petroleum Status Report at 10:30. All times EST.

Last Night: Price just held in a tight rang holding the highs.

Edge: No edge yet. The time change and muddy the clock and the contract is changing.

There has been a change in the force. At least in the Day Light Savings time. It will take a few days.

A weak or two for the force to realign itself. Till then your TS's and roundies. Clock muddy for now.

7/8/9 AM: Holding just around highs of yesterday

Today: Need to see a strong showing by the bulls else the bears will start to hit the bid. (same today)

Bulls Want: 46, 52, 62

Bears Want: 22, 13, 98

Globex: 12 handle trading range on 178 volume.

Cycle Bias: Favored to the bull.

Tone: VIX trading at 13.77

Shape of the day: Due to time change, clock may be muddy.

Honing: Spill down, loupie loop, LAST HOUR ODDS HIGH.

Bill Fish (4H/4D) Holding low, waiting to see direction. LONG

Tuna (30m 1+D) Holding low, waiting to see direction. LONG

Sardine (5M-1D) Unsure of direction and sit out the trade. OUT

Pre Opening: For now, still holding the 5237 handle. Will need to see how CASH trades at the open for next direction.

The clock is used for timing your entries and exits. Position long at the lows exit at the highs. Get short at the highs buy in at the lows. When the trend is in, WB's clock is your friend!

Your edge is a series of trades, not just one trade or one day.

Dates: February 24 Snow Moon 7:30 a.m. Spring Equinox March 20 5:24 pm (all times est)



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