High: 2048.50 Mid-Day
Low: 2035.25 10:00 CT
Last: 2049.00; -1.75 Handles
Volume: SUPER LOW, 685k with 83k coming from Globex.
MOC: MiM was showing over $200 mil to buy, actual came out BUY $285mil

Tomorrow: Redbook, S&P Case Shiller HPI, Consumer Confidence, and a 5 Yr Note Auction.

It was thin to win today.

Last Thursday had a 10 handle sell off on the close, only 325k ESH traded, including Globex. Funds came in and sold 5k to 10k ESH16 going into the close, no bids.

Today opened down at the 2035.oo lows. I put it out in the forum, and Twitter, and it has been a low volume grind back up to 2047.00 as I speak.

Only 3 trading days left in 2015!!! Like I said last week, a lot of traders will not come back until the beginning of 2016. The big investment funds and banks have left the markets to the dogs, they are not trading, just waiting on their bonus!!!

CAN YOU Believe this??? After all the THRASHING, The ES is basically unchanged on the year. The ES settled at 2052.25 last year and we are basically 4 to 5 handles away from that price.

Volume is so low that anything can happen in this trading environment…

Its my feeling that the ESH16 trades above 2070, or higher, before the end of the year, but overall this year is COOKED!!

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